The feeling of loneliness, solitude more precisely, is one of the greatest fears of a modern man. Why? Because modern man, a man of the 21st century, at first sight is never alone. There’s a million social networks through which we are connected with the whole world and with whom we share now even the most intimate moments of our everyday life. Maybe it was something which we feared at first, but today we have become almost dependent on such sharing with the virtual world. And just so, we estranged. 

Searching for all possible ways to remain existing in the internet world, we crawled into our small walls, small apartments, took out our laptops, tablets and phones, connected to the internet and completely isolated our being. Surrounded by universe of information every second interacting with our minds, we have forgotten that our being stays quite “hungry” in such communication. Malnourished. Then there is that feeling of numbness, futility – although we are constantly surrounded by millions of virtual friends. Virtual is unable to feed the being. Still, at least.

But there is another kind of loneliness.

I’m a big fan of it, although most people find it difficult to understand. It’s the loneliness when you sit quietly, immersed in the shadow of your own walls – during which you listen to your will and all its whispers. As a writer, though, as an introvert, I respect aggressive and inspiring world outside, but I’m also aware of the immense value of solitude which occasionally has to be given to the being. Under “being” I mean a set of intimate consciousness, thoughts, feelings. The quiet voice of whom you remain aware your whole life. I believe all the ideas I‘ve got, all the stories that were written – were in those moments of quiet conversation with being. And loneliness. All the secrets I’ve discovered about myself, that I did not even know, I found in silence while I remained silent with myself. 

And because of that, loneliness will never be and can not be a “bad word”, or greatest fear. Not until we discover how precious, in fact, solitude is. Such a solitude – silent listening ourselves, can be your greatest wealth. Turn off for at the moment everything. Close your eyes and listen to the raindrops on the roof and windows. Running car. Your heart beating. Talk with yourself. Remember you, right?

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