Let’s be honest right from the beginning – the fantasy genre wasn’t at all that much appreciated in the past decades. There were some important names lectured in the academic circles, (read: Tolkien mostly), but not so many were considered to be the artists of the written word, nor classics for that matter. The incredibly selective world of literature often operates like this (one literature student is here to confirm that). Many people who wish to become writers often start their writing careers in this genre, and many critics believe that this is exactly the reason why there are so many badly written fantasy books. Everyone thinks that writing in the fantasy genre is the easiest way to go, but, actually, it is one of the hardest. This is the reason why sometimes it’s difficult to find a good fantasy book to read. It often lies under the pile of averagely written ones.

Recently we have been witnessing a major expansion of this incredible genre. Fantastic writers have stepped out and achieved to distinguish themselves. Academic circles are adding more and more names to their teaching programs. So, you might ask me, why should you give this genre a chance? Without any further ado, here’s why:

1. You Get To Explore New World

Fantasy is one incredible genre because it allows writers to create completely new worlds. Often from a scratch. You get to find out more about the rules of this new place. You discover exciting creatures and explore yet unknown land. One is introduced to new social hierarchy and different social layers. You can get away from reality and live, even for a little while, in beautiful fantasy land. What more is there to wish for?

2. It Improves Your Creativity

Whether you are a writer or “just” a reader, you may want to never lose your sense of wonder. And we do lose it by “growing up”. Remember how, when you were a child, you could so easily dive into the new world that some book would introduce you to? Well, with years, we become more and more skeptical. We lose the “naive” reader in ourselves, the one that immediately believes in dragons, fairies, magical unicorns. (Okay, I still believe in them, and I’m 26.)

When you read fantasy, author forces you to imagine so many different things you would never even dream of imagining. You expand you expectations. You actually get better at exploring your own creativity.

3. You Can Escape From Reality

Reading fantasy is a notorious way to get away from the real world. We all have our problems, worries, impossible tasks that life gives us and sometimes, we get stuck in trying to solve them. When you read fantasy, you get to meet wonderful characters, heroes, who have even bigger problems to solve and, just for a little while, they can comfort us. They say to you: “Hey, look at me, I am terrified but I am also fighting for the  world against dark, superior forces. And I just might win.”

Isn’t that amazing thing to read? Aren’t we all dealing with some sort of superior dark force? Yet, we don’t usually believe that we can win, so it’s nice when a fictional character shows you that anything can be done, if only you believe in yourself.